University of Valencia

The Environmental Engineering Research Group (GI2AM, Grupo de Investigación en Ingeniería AMbiental) / Chemical Engineering Department at School of Engineering of the University of Valencia from Spain is the coordinator of the NEXT AIR BIOTREAT project. GI2AM is engaged in promoting the use of sustainable technologies for treating industrial emissions into air and water. GI2AM represents the academia in this partnership. The relevant expertise and current research interests lay in the scientific knowledge and technology transfer of removal of VOCs by biological methods.

Pure Air Solutions

PAS Solutions (Pure Air Solutions) from The Netherlands is a highly innovative and growing SME company specialized in biological air treatment. Our knowledge and skills are in the translation of laboratory research results to industrial scale standardized technologies. We focus on the treatment of industrial odour emissions, odour emissions from sewage water treatment facilities and industrial solvent emissions.

Exel Composites

Exel Composites NV from Belgium is a technology company which designs, manufactures and markets composite profiles for industrial applications. Exel Composites NV belongs to a large industrial group, Exel Composites Group, the leading composite profile manufacturer in the world, with 9 facilities around the globe (6 located in EU).  Exel Composites will test on-site the green sustainable and cost-effective technology to be developed on this project.