Remote monitoring tool of biotechnologies developed under the Next Air Biotreat project

Zwolle | 17 June 2015

An important part of the project, included in WP4, was the development of a software platform to collect and process the data from any technology (with a PLC and instruments) in order to decrease research and process engineering labor, having researchers and process engineers more time for analyzing the data logged from the different systems. This task could be performed thanks to the participation of Dr. Feliu Sempere (UV) and specially to the involvement in the project of Dr. Salvador Alcántara as an expert recruitment in automation and control. This software is called REMUS, and in this link a video explaining its main features can be seen. REMUS is already being very useful for the researchers of the project to carry on their work, as well as for Pure Air Solutions’ service department to provide a full monitoring of their technologies (link to video).

Welcome remus