Pure Air speaker at Technology and Society Congress (TASC) in Groningen

Groningen | 29 May 2013

On 16th of May André Schoonhoven, managing director of Pure Air Solutions, was speaker and presented a case for Technology and Society Congress (TASC) in Groningen. The conference provides a bridge between the technological developments and their impact on society. Throughout the day several speakers gave their view on the topic and had a debate at the closure of the day.

In his case Schoonhoven explained that “in a R&D consortium with the Research Group of Environmental Engineering of the University of Valencia and Exel Composites from Belgium we are advancing on systems that use clean and natural processes to reduce air pollution.” Their NEXT AIR BIOTREAT project aims to find environmentally friendly solutions that reduce waste air emission while decreasing energy demand through the production and use of renewable resources. “To do so we have to change the current assumptions and paradigms in air pollution control by looking at air pollutants not as a waste stream but as a source with considerable potential benefit.” Schoonhoven added: “Only by thinking differently we will create solutions which are economical and ecological beneficial at the same time, something new our industry.”

The NEXT AIR BIOTREAT is a project funded by the European Commission within the Marie Curie Industry and Academia Partnerships & Pathways (IAPP) programme.