Andre Schoonhoven interviewed for a entrepeneurs and managers Dutch magazine

Zwolle | 12 February 2013

In October 2012 Andre Schoonhoven, managing director or Pure Air Solutions gave interview to the Dutch magazine Kijk op het Noorden (description of the economic, cultural, social and recreational life in the Northern Netherlands) for entrepreneurs and managers. In the interview Schoonhoven explains that it is Pure Air Solutions mission to provide companies worldwide with clean and cost-effective technology for air emissions control. The company strives to reduce air pollution, decrease CO2 emissions and seek clean-energy growth by using natural biochemical processes. Schoonhoven also explains that the company has a strong partnership with the Universitat de València and invest highly into Research & Development (R&D). Together with the Universitat de València and Exel Composites, another research partner from Belgium, they are currently developing new clean technologies as part of 4 year R&D program. The program is funded by the European Union (IAPP- People Next Air Biotreat – EU 7FP).

The interview was published in the magazine of December 2012 (number 380) and has a circulation of 15000 copies.