Meetings and workshops

Next Air Biotreat final meeting and workshop

Burjassot | 21 September 2015

The consortium of the Next Air Biotreat project is glad  to communicate that all the objectives that were presented during the kick off meeting four years ago have been successfully implemented. The consortium would like to congratulate all the researchers and people involved in the project, thanks to their hard work we all have increased our knowledge from each other’s expertise. We would also like to thank the European Commission for giving us the opportunity to develop such an exciting R&D project.

The final conference was held on September 10th in 20150910_100727_web the facilities of the coordinator of the project, the Universitat de València. Preceding the final conference, on 9th of September the General Assembly had a meeting to plan the closure of the project. The final conference was focused in the long-term impact to the three partners, and the future collaboration between them coming from this project was introduced. In the afternoon, a technical workshop to discuss the last advances in the project was organized. Dr. Guillermo Quijano provided the key note lecture to the audience about two phase partitioning bioreactors. Dr. Quijano is an associated professor of Chemical Engineering Department at the University of Valladolid and is hold in the Universitat de València as visiting professor in the framework of the regional Prometeo/2013/053 research project.

It has been a pleasure! Thank you, merci, dank u wel, gracias, gràcies!


Project Meeting Year 3 and Workshop on Air Biotreatment

Zwolle | 18 September 2014

Pure Air Solutions organized the Next Air Biotreat  Project Meeting of Year 3 in Zwolle (The Netherlands) on September 4th. During the meeting researchers had the opportunity to present their results, evaluate the development of the research activities and plan the work to be performed during the last year of the project. Early stage researches of the TrainonSEC project had the opportunity to attend and participate to the presentations and discussions, which were of great interest as this project arose as a result of the Next Air Biotreat one.



It was an intensive week, since a Workshop on Air Biotreatment was also made, together with interesting workshops conducted from Pure Air Solutions related to “Project and Time Management” and “New Business Development”.  We would also like to thank the presence of Dr. Salvador Alcántara and Dr. Kevin Portune, who already finished their recruitment periods in Pure Air Solutions and Universitat de València respectively. They gave very interesting presentations of the work they have performed within the project and that have increased considerably the quality of the achievements, a clear example of multidisciplinary cooperation. We wish them the best in their professional careers, and we hope we keep in touch in the future!

The detailed agenda of the week can be consulted here (agenda).


Workshop on biological VOC removal

Burjassot | 17 May 2013

Researchers of the Next Air Biotreat project of the Universitat de València (including Albert Waalkens who is doing his secondment period at the GI2AM research group), discussed in a two day workshop on 14th and 16th of May the progress and results of the Work Package 2.



Mid Term Review Meeting of the Next Air Biotreat Project and 2nd workshop on biological VOC removal

Burjassot | 8 April 2013

The Mid Term Review meeting was held in the La foto tots junts facilities  of the Universitat de València on Thursday 4th of July 2013. The meeting was very interesting, specially to hear the feedback and recommendations of the Project Officer Dr. Agne Dobranskyte-Niskota and the external reviewer Dr. Stefan Rydin.
The researchers had also a very interesting workshop on Friday 5th of July, with the following agenda, where the results and next developments of the project were discussed and shared to everyone.



Coordination meeting of the GI2AM research group in relation with the Next Air Biotreat Project

Burjassot | 15 March 2013

The researchers from the GI2AM group of the Universitat de València had an internal meeting on 13th February to discuss the status of the Next Air Biotreat Project, and the current results of their research. The meeting included an opening presentation of the project leader Carmen Gabaldón, and 9 presentations were exposed and discussed with the entire group. Pau San Valero, who is actually at her secondment stay at Pure Air Solutions also attended to the meeting and presented the work she is doing at the host institution.